All About Me


Cleverbetty Creative is, well, pretty much just me. No, my name's not Betty, it's Nancy, the name comes from my college years in Delaware, my skater friends called the cool girls "Bettys." My friend Barbara's mother actually coined the phrase by saying "aren't you a clever Betty" and the name of my business was born. I feel so lucky to have worked at Rhino Records during it's heyday before its demise and also Sony Pictures Television International before it merged with Sony Pictures Television. Two amazing companies with in-house art departments, but as the economic climate changes I too must change and embark upon what I hope to be a lucrative freelance career.

I am a senior designer interested in working for a company that will let me grow creatively as well as utilize my network and entertainment experience. My most recent job with Sony Pictures Television enabled me to wear many hats, from managing projects with outside design, print and copywriting vendors to hands-on creation of marketing materials for print, web and multimedia applications. Although the majority of my work experience has been in entertainment, I am not limited to it.

As a freelance artist I pride myself on my ability to hit the ground running. Over the last few years I have developed my project management skills and feel very comfortable working on the big picture. My application skills are very strong and I have a savvy understanding of how to take a project from the idea phase to finished product.

My experience and/or responsibilities include; working and communicating with marketing directors, executives, creative directors and clients. I managed projects, coordinated and art directed the efforts of production designers, freelancers, retouchers, and interns to create marketing materials for internal and external stakeholders. I have overseen and worked on large accounts which include various elements and deadlines i.e. campaign breakouts for major television markets including L.A. Screenings, MIPCOM, MIPTV and NATPE.


PowerPoint presentations

Sales Sheets


DVD packaging/menus

trade/consumer ads

sales sheets


trade show booth graphics


The studio is located in lovely Eagle Rock, California, nestled between Glendale and Pasadena in northeast Los Angeles. I share my crafstman home with my boyfriend and a big fluffy cat named Tiny, even though she really isn't tiny. She stalks me during the day while I'm working on my computer and insists on being on my lap but I promise it won't hinder my progress on my work!